I am a data scientist at UPS where I use data to solve industrial engineering problems with the potential to save millions of dollars annually.

My current goal is to be a senior data scientist so that I can take ownership of data science projects. Ideally I would be working in the realm of environmentalism, urbanism, energy, or emergency management, but above all I am interested in tackling challenging data problems.


Tweet Classifier

Research for natural disaster assessment using social media data.

Modified an existing text classifier to label tweets as related to power infrastructure or not, while providing insights on relevant keywords.

OurFish Outliers

Data tool using statistical methods to flag potential outliers in Rare's OurFish dataset. Data is scanned daily and an email is sent if any samples are flagged.

Succeeded in identifying a sample with a typo that inflated a KPI by over 200%.

Fish Forever Dashboards

These dashboards are used by Rare Fish Forever's internal teams and government bodies to monitor and evaluate ecological and socioeconomic conditions within partner fisheries.


I am currently open to new opportunities. Interested in working with me? Say hi at